Soccerment’s new AIDA tool aims to “revolutionise” football analytics

Credit: Shutterstock
Credit: Shutterstock

Football analytics company Soccerment has launched its AIDA tool as the latest development to its platform. 

Introducing AIDA at the Soccerex Miami event, the new analytic tool is designed to “revolutionise” football analytics, providing nuanced, human-like text analysis and insights. 

Launching worldwide on 13 November, AIDA will be available to users to receive extensive insights and advanced proprietary metrics on players, teams, leagues and matches. 

Harnessed by Soccerment’s database, the AI generated tool which will be available via mobile app and will allow users to query the database of league’s from 12 countries across the world including Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and MLS to receive instantaneous text-based analysis and insights.  

Soccerement CEO Aldo Comi, commented on the launch: “The launch of AIDA marks a pivotal moment in sports technology. It’s a new chapter in football analytics. 

“AIDA brings the power of AI directly into the hands of those who love the game, offering insights with unprecedented depth and clarity. This is the intelligence that will illuminate unseen patterns and strategies, shaping the future of football.

“As we introduce AIDA to the world, we’re setting the stage for a transformation in how we interact with the sport’s rich data. It’s a bold stride towards our vision of making sophisticated analytics universally accessible and actionable.”

Additional benefits of AIDA include the introduction of rankings systems for players, teams and leagues across a range of metrics such as gegenpressing intensity (GPI), expected goals (xG) and expected assists (xA). 

Other benefits include market value, personalised notifications, interactive insights and fantasy football features. 

Recently speaking to Insider Sport on AI’s growing role in football, Comi stated that he believes the emerging technology has “immense potential” and that the sector has only begun to scratch the surface of its capabilities. 

He said: “AI has an immense potential that we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of. As machine learning models become more sophisticated and data collection methods improve, we can expect a revolution in how we understand and play the sport. 

“AI will likely become an integral component of player development, game analysis, and even fan engagement. It’s not just the next evolution; it’s the future.”

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