MSG and YES Networks launch new joint media company

credit: Shutterstock
credit: Shutterstock

The YES Network and MSG Network have announced they have formed a new entity, Gotham Advanced Media and Entertainment (GAME). 

The new media entity aims to offer turn-key digital content distribution services, which includes platform technology, operational support and comprehensive data analytics to interested third parties. 

The new 50-50 joint venture will see both companies capitalising on their pre-existing partnership, combining both technical and operational from the YES App and MSG+. 

Jon Litner, CEO of the YES Network, said: “As we continue to capitalise on the momentum created by YES’ award-winning digital offerings, we look forward to collaborating with MSG Networks to further elevate the fan experience.

“With the launch of GAME, we are excited to develop new product offerings, and premium features and functionality, to serve audiences like never before, while also providing a scalable tech solution for third-party content owners seeking to deliver state-of-the-art streaming experiences to their customers.”

Potential GAME clients will also be provided with a range of streaming services to access which will all be run centrally by a dedicated team with experience in the sports streaming space. 

GAME streaming products will be customisable and capable of delivering locally branched customer experiences which cater to clients’ needs. 

Andrea Greenberg, President and Chief Executive Officer of MSG Networks, added: “This joint venture with YES will combine the streaming expertise of two of the largest regional sports networks in the country. 

“With the formation of GAME, we seek to marry our collective insight, expertise and best-in-class technology not only to explore enhancements to our own products, but also to offer other networks, teams and sports properties an efficient way to launch a state-of-the-art streaming service. 

“We are excited to partner with YES to create solutions for third-party content providers looking for a seamless way to reach new audiences.”

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