BetMGM is set to become the official training wear partner of Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur from the 2024/25 season, according to SportBusiness.

In an exclusive article, the company reported that the betting operator has signed a multi-year deal with Spurs, which will see BetMGMs logo appear on the training kits of the men’s team. Insider Sport has reached out to Tottenham Hotspur for confirmation.

This deal would see BetMGM replace the current sponsor Getir, the Turkey-based food delivery service – which held a three year rights agreement from the 2021/22 and became the club’s first ever training kit sponsor. 

The Turkish company has recently been facing financial challenges, revealing this week that it has decided to withdraw from its operations in the US and Europe and refocus on its domestic market. In the context of such a move, reducing spend on sponsorship deals in Europe, such as with top six Premier League side Spurs, is not surprising.

The partnership also comes in the context of the Premier League’s significant announcement just over a year ago, revealing plans to voluntarily remove gambling logos from the front of matchday shirts starting from the 2026/27 season.

Sports betting sponsorships had been the subject of extensive debate throughout the UK’s Gambling Act review. However, although withdrawing front-of-shirt deals, clubs will still be permitted to feature gambling brands in other areas post-2026/27, such as LED advertising, sleeve rights and training kit sponsorship.

Betting sponsorships have long been a lucrative source of commercial revenue for UK football clubs. At one point, approximately half of all Premier League clubs had some form of betting partner.

One club that is set to make the most of the time remaining before the ban comes into place is Aston Villa. The club recently signed a two-year deal with Greek multinational operator Betano, which has reportedly agreed to pay the club £20m a season.

BetMGM is also no stranger to the exposure that the Premier League can generate. Since its UK launch last year, the operator has actively pursued sponsorship deals with several Premier League clubs. 

Among its partners are Newcastle United, Manchester City, and Wolverhampton Wanderers, indicating a strategic move to capitalise on the league’s widespread reach and popularity.

Discussing the advantages of collaborating with football clubs, Sam Behar, UK Director of BetMGM, emphasised in an interview with SBC Leaders Magazine: “We’ve committed to establishing ourselves as a reputable and significant presence, especially in the realm of sports, particularly football. And there’s arguably no league with greater reach or commercial potential than the Premier League.”

After its grand entrance into the UK market, marked by a splashy debut featuring comedian Chris Rock, the operator has aimed to inject a new surge of “energy” into the industry, as Behar describes it.

The operator’s boldness in forging partnerships with various UK sports, including darts – a sport that isn’t renowned in the US – demonstrates its innovative approach. According to the UK Director, this selection process was informed by data analysis, as outlined in an interview with Casino Beats.

Behar said: “We knew when we started to engage with the PDC last year, we knew that the World Championships was going to be a significant event – there was momentum in darts, and we were one step ahead of the market because no one else spotted it.

“We’ll always use data to assess performance and to assess our return on ad spend across our entire portfolio of sponsorships. Data is also a key tool to assessing potential opportunities, but at the same time, we use it to assess ongoing performance.”

You can delve further into BetMGM’s strategy in the latest issue of SBC Leaders Magazine, which features an exclusive interview with the operator’s UK Director, where he discusses how the company brought Las Vegas to the UK. 

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