Rise Nutrition has launched the ‘Fuel to Rise’ platform, a comprehensive nutrition requirement database that is used by more than 3,000 athletes to date.

Curated by registered dietitians, the platform is targeted towards college and professional teams, using cutting-edge analytics to “take the guesswork out of nutrition and deliver optimal solutions”, which are customised for each athlete.

The platform has met the NCAA‘s nutrition education mandate and is being utilised by athletes from the NCAA, the Big Ten, Major League Baseball and the East Coast Hockey League to enhance their performance.

Jesse Papriro, Co-Founder of Rise Nutrition, commented: “Fuel to Rise provides real-time nutrition status and performance metrics to help athletes determine meaningful steps to performance improvement.”

A major challenge for sports teams is optimising nutrition for athletic performance, while also bearing the responsibility of ensuring their athletes’ overall well-being. This balance was underscored by the McLaren Formula One Team‘s recent partnership with Optimum Nutrition, which was announced earlier this month.

According to a 2020 study by The Sport Journal, an estimated “20-25% of collegiate athletes engaged in maladaptive eating and weight control behaviours,” including binge eating, excessive exercise, strict dieting, fasting, self-induced vomiting and the use of weight loss supplements.

‘Fuel to Rise’ hopes to empower team dietitians and support staff to efficiently screen every athlete within 10-15 minutes for eating disorders and customise sustainable behaviour change based on sport, position and individual biometric analytics.

Rise Nutrition has said that this tool could potentially save more than 400 hours per year for a registered dietitian working with college or professional athletes, granting them additional time to provide personalised support and assistance.

Kara Lynch, a Sports Dietitian for athletes across the Minnesota Twins organisation, stated: “Nutrition is one piece of the puzzle when it comes to an athlete’s training program and with the right tools, assessment, and plan of action nutrition can provide a critical component to keeping athletes on the field. 

“Fuel to Rise provides me with insightful data to strategically upgrade an athlete’s individualised nutrition plan, in real-time, while I am completing a nutrition consult.”

With the launch of ‘Fuel to Rise’, the company has announced that it is actively seeking capital from angel investors to propel the platform to new heights. The company aims to use funding to expand its workforce, enhance customer acquisition efforts, and further develop and refine the platform.

Papriro added: “Rise Nutrition has tapped into a big market opportunity, and after achieving a 60% increase in revenue year-over-year, we are ready to take our platform to the next level. 

“We’re excited to seek angel investors to support the rapid expansion of our team, increase customer acquisition, and invest in our product to make it a must-have tool across college and professional sports.”

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