Wembley Stadium has completed a major programme of investment and refurbishment work over the winter period ahead of a historic 2024.

Football fans attending the Carabao Cup Final on 25 February will see an “enhanced” Wembley, following a programme of investment and refurbishment in preparation for a huge 2024.

The stadium is planning to host several events, including the Champions League Final, a number of crucial England national team matches, and an array of musical performances from the likes of Taylor Swift, ACDC, Bruce Springsteen and Green Day. 

Chris Bryant, Director of Tournaments and Events, said: “Wembley Stadium has a regular schedule of investment works to maintain industry leading facilities that attract world-class events and enhance spectators’ experience.”

In total, Wembley Stadium will host more than 20 major sports events this year, including the NFL football with Jacksonville Jaguars, the Emirates FA Cup semi-finals and final and the Adobe Women’s FA Cup Final, which will be broadcasted on TNT sports after a new four-year deal was signed earlier this month. 

One major upgrade that fans will notice is the introduction of a new, frictionless bar, which will enable supporters to purchase drinks quicker and more conveniently, making Wembley the first stadium in Europe to implement the technology. 

Situated on level one, Bar Tap uses the latest technology so that customers no longer need to wait in line at a dedicated pay point, users simply need to tap their card on entry, pick up what they need and walk out, which is made possible by more than 100 cameras calculating what customers have purchased. 

Further improvements made to overall fan experience are found in the concourse, with levels one and five sporting new murals that are said to support Wembley’s iconic past. 

In addition, the two screens at either end of the stadium and the digital ribbon, which runs around the stadium bowl, have also been upgraded, incorporating the latest digital technology, providing higher definition resolutions for improved in-stadium entertainment and messaging.

Elsewhere, digital signage and wayfinding have been improved to help fans navigate their way around the stadium easier.

Bryant added: “We are always looking at new, and innovative ways to ensure Wembley Stadium maintains its status as an iconic, multi-purpose venue. We want all our guests to have the best experience possible.”

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