Capital market company Exness has agreed a deal with La Liga to become the Spanish top-flight league’s Latin America official regional partner. 

Due to La Liga’s standing as one of the most popular football leagues in the world, home to Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, Exness is aiming to leverage the league’s high-ranking status to boost its commercial presence in Latin America. 

Alfonso Cardalda, Chief Marketing Officer of Exness, said: “We are truly excited about this agreement, through which we will connect with the Latin American community through our shared passion for football!

“By joining forces with La Liga, we reach the heart of the region, where football is not just a sport, but a way of life.”

The agreement will last throughout the duration of this season and the entirety of the 2024/25 league campaign. Exness and La Liga will work in tandem to elevate one another’s Latin America standing. 

Using La Liga brand elements, fans in the region will be exposed to a series of activations and experiences with the competition’s teams and  players. 

Jorge de la Vega, Executive Director of La Liga, remarked: “We are convinced that this agreement will allow us to strengthen the relationship with our fans and with our new partner, Exness. Together we will be able to achieve new levels of success.”

Latin America has become a key market for La Liga in its recent internationalisation efforts. The Spanish league has been holding pre-season fixtures in countries such as Mexico and has been tapping into a fanbase the league views as key to the global growth of its brand. 

Expounding on this further, Pablo Arquero, Head of Sponsorship at Real Betis – one of the clubs most active in the region – revealed on an episode of the Behind The Badge podcast why the Latin America is such a pivotal market to the league and the club, after being one of the most heavily active La Liga clubs in the region. 

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