Ajax has strengthened its commitment to esports, with Ajax eSports announcing the renewal of its partnership with Ziggo and the signing of a new three year contract for the teams FIFA player Dani Hagebeuk.

Menno Geelen, commercial director of Ajax, commented on the partnership extension: “Ziggo, as headpartner of Ajax, was the first to embrace Ajax eSports within the club. Thereby, we were able to grow with our virtual domain. This FIFA 19-season we want to organise more activities for our fans, together with Ziggo. The weekly Ziggo eBattles are a good example of that.’

Speaking about the extension of both Ziggo and Hagebeuk, Ajax eSports added: “We are working on a long-term relationship with our eSporters, in which we want to offer the best circumstances to perform, like a studio at home and personal coaches. We are happy to have Dani on board the next 3 years.”

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