Brian Westbrook: Betting technology will change how US leagues operate

Technology, according to former NFL Philadelphia Eagles star Brian Westbrook, will be at the forefront of the development of both sports betting and the leagues in the US.

Speaking at the recent Betting on Sports America conference in New Jersey, the SeventySix Capital Athlete Venture member disclosed how he believed that bettors are becoming more in tune with match data when it comes to individual players and teams as a whole.

When quizzed on what he believed the impact of sports betting legalisation would be on the leagues and teams, he explained: “I think the technology part of it is going to be huge, as technology supports the betting side. Bettors want to understand more about the team, they want to understand more about what’s going on with the individual players.

“And as technology continues to collect information, that will impact how they train players, how they approach the games, what they do in different parts of the games and that will continue to grow.”

The NFL star has been recognised for his achievements while at the Eagles, having recently been inducted into the team’s Hall of Fame. In his interview, SBC asked Westbrook how it felt to gain the recognition of the team.

He added: “It was awesome. For years, I wanted to be an NFL player and I did everything I could to be the best player that I possibly could, and over that time I was a part of a lot of very very good football teams.

“For the team to recognise my accomplishments that I was able to do with a great set of team mates, it was amazing. I had an eight-year run in Philadelphia and over the course of that time we went to multiple play-offs, we won a lot of play-off games, participated in the Super Bowl and it was a great experience for us. “

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