Dean Akinjobi: Unlocking new
markets with women’s football

CEO of Football Media, Dean Akinjobi has emphasised the opportunity that awaits betting brands within the ever expanding and growing market that is women’s football.

Giving an interview at last month’s Betting on Sports Conference, Akinjobi discussed how betting brands can maximise the opportunity of being part of a growing sport.

He stated: “I definitely think just looking at the market and the growth of women’s football shows that there is an opportunity for betting brands to become part of it but the challenge will always be that a number of clubs will have betting partners and they maybe don’t want to carve out betting deals for women’s football. 

“Saying that however, you then have clubs that have multiple non-exclusive betting partners in which there is then an opportunity to carve out a women’s football betting partner and the opportunity is huge as the game is only growing one way, up and up and up.”

Akinjobi also revealed how betting brands could reach new audiences by breaking through into the women’s game. He underlined that given the exposure that women’s football is currently garnering, the audience could potentially by a 50/50 split between men and women. 

He added: “Its an emerging and growing market so yes 100% it can help reach a new audience. If you look historically within the betting industry and how they target women, it’s mainly around the bingo. If you did get into women’s football it would then be a case of looking at the data you have on your female audiences in the bingo and then looking at synergising with a sportsbook essentially. 

“Then you would look at how you develop further to different audiences but what you will also find is that it won’t just be women that you’re targeting, they’ll be a male segment as there is around 40/50% split of men and females that watch the games, so you’ll find that guys will actually bet on this as well. 

“It’s a new emerging market really and as the game becomes more popular we’re seeing the brands that we’ve worked with are having huge exposure so betting partners could really benefit from it.”

As well as the growth in audience, the Football Media CEO also discussed the new markets that would become available whilst also touching on the long-term responsible opportunities that awaited betting brands who were willing to invest in the sponsorship of women’s football. 

Akinjobi concluded: “The game is on a huge growth curb so there is going to be a huge amount of new opportunities. You’re going to have new markets, domestic markets and international markets. There will be products where you’re live streaming, bet and watch for womens games, the opportunity is just there, its huge and there’s multiple opportunities that are available for betting brands in this space. 

“The sky’s the limit really. It’s just about working with people that understand the game and understand where the game is growing and is also looking at strategies where you are working with the club on a long term basis – With the women’s game, I think there is an opportunity to be part of the growth and have a long term partnership that you’ll reap the benefits of and that can be done in a responsible way as well.”

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