Svenska Spel donates SEK50m to grassroot sports initiatives

Strengthening its commitment to youth sports in Sweden, Svenska Spel has made a SEK50m donation to grassroots schemes, with football associations receiving the greatest level of donations.

The donations, made via its Gräsroten scheme, marks the seventh consecutive year that the gambling operator has supported grassroots sports across the country.

Among associations, Swedish football team Hammarby IF receives the highest level of donations, having received SEK 1.6m to date. They are closely followed by Allsvenskan side Djurgårdens IF FF which has received SEK1.3m and AIK FF with SEK1.25m.

“Svenska Spels Gräsroten makes a real difference for sports associations in the country,” says Stefan Bergh, the Swedish Sports Federation’s general secretary, who made a donation to Piteå IF via the Gräsroten initiative.

“Through their unremitting commitment, the associations are able to handle a lot themselves, but thanks to the Grassroots, they can do that extra that helps the sports family continue to grow as more children and young people get moving.”

In total, over half a million Swedes have distributed the money to 8,556 associations across 71 sports. The money is predominantly used for purchasing training materials, trophies, leadership training and daily activities.

“The joy, the community and the commitment that exists in the football family is little unique,” added Janne Andersson, Swedish football coach and former player for the Swedish national team.

“Svenska Spels Gräsroten is an important building block for football in Sweden to continue to grow and develop at both breadth and elite level. So that more children and young people have the opportunity to get moving, meet friends and maybe one day wear the blue yellow sweater. For my own part, I have chosen to support my parent club Alets IK in Gräsroten.”

“We at Svenska Spel always look forward to this time of year, when we, through the Gräsroten, distribute more than SEK 50 million to youth sports,” added Patrik Hofbauer, CEO of Svenska Spel. “Enabling more children and young people to become part of the Swedish sports family and get moving is incredibly important. Grass root sports is one of the initiatives we strive to support.”

Insider Insight: For gambling partners, it’s imperative that the investment into football is not solely delegated to the top tiers. Therefore, this initiative from Svenska Spel is crucial as the sector affirms its status as one of the sport’s most fruitful partners.

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