Seeking to engage a younger audience, Manchester City has launched its own YouTube Kids channel. 

The launch sees the English Premier League champions become the first football club to activate a channel on the dedicated children’s platform and will see it host a range of age appropriate club content.

Nuria Tarre, chief marketing officer of the City Football Group, stated: “We want to continue to push boundaries beyond our existing platforms to reach new audiences and as YouTube Kids is the number one video platform for children, it feels like the right place to share our content.

“We strongly believe in creating safe and certified environments for children online and YouTube Kids offers a trusted way for our content to be consumed by the younger generation.”

Behind the scenes videos along with a weekly magazine show is set to be some of the content produced for the channel. As well as this, the club will also make match highlights available on the platform along with bespoke short-form content that aims to engage with children under the age of 12.

Cedric Petitpas, the  UK lead for YouTube Kids, added: “We know that kids have an enormous appetite for sports-related content and football in particular. Our team craves this type of content that encourages kids to engage with sports, go out and play with their mates.”

The move is the latest involving a Premier League club and the wider YouTube platform and follows the deal that saw Liverpool FC become the first sports club to launch a Youtube membership scheme at the start of December. 

Liverpool’s membership scheme will see them grant subscribers an exclusive ‘enhanced’ video package for £0.99 per month which includes four additional weekly shows, along with match reactions and more behind-the-scenes content. 

At the time Drew Crisp, senior vice president, digital, media and marketing, at Liverpool, concluded: “With the YouTube memberships launch, we are giving fans a more flexible opportunity to access premium content, while also helping us to serve them our award-winning videos on the platform they love.”

Insider Insight: Focusing on the next generation is positive way for Manchester City to continue the growth of their fanbase, as the club embarks on what is arguably the most successful era in their history. 

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