Australian government forms advisory council to safeguard sports

The Australian government has formed a new body, the Sport Australia Advisory Council, consisting of nine counsellors, to provide oversight and guidance on integrity matters impacting all levels of Australian sports. 

The development of an ‘Advisory Council’ was approved as a measure of Australia’s revamped Sports Integrity Act which was amended last year to strengthen Australian sports against the threats of corruption and doping.

2020 reforms saw the government launch Sport Integrity Australia, a new federal agency combining the responsibilities of the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority and the National Integrity of Sport Unit.

The development and progress of Sport Integrity Australia will be overseen by the Advisory Council, providing further support, objective guidance and strategic advice to the organisation.

Australian Sports Minister, Richard Colbeck stated that the council had been formed with the most diverse set of skills, helping to protect sports against the new threats of ‘money laundering and complex integrity issues’.

“I am pleased to announce the nine member advisory council,” Minister Colbeck said. “Each member brings skills and knowledge to provide advice on all areas of sports integrity.

“It follows the Australian Government’s recent investment of $10.1 million to introduce an independent complaints handling process within Sport Integrity Australia.”

The Advisory Council will be led by World Sailing Vice President Sarah Kenny as Chair. 

Kenny will be supported by Australian sports executives Lynne Anderson of Paralympics Australia, Golf Australia CEO’s James Sutherland, and former elite athlete and governance expert Margot Foster.

Providing technical oversight the council is supported by NSW Police Commissioner Ken Moroney, Sports Consultant Scott Draper, former National Children’s Commissioner Megan Mitchell and Policy Adviser Jason Marocchi.

“I am looking forward to working with the other highly respected Advisory Council members to bring together our combined experience and knowledge to advise on all aspects of sport integrity and to assist in safeguarding the integrity of Australian sport,” Kenny said.

“By establishing Sport Integrity Australia and the National Sports Tribunal, increasing investment into independent compliant handling and forming the Sport Integrity Australia Advisory Council, Australians can be confident everything possible is being done to keep the sport they love clean, safe and fair.”

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