From mattress manufacturers to pillow partners, the Premier League has it all this season. The 20 clubs across the top tier have certainly thought outside of the box when choosing regional sponsors this year.

Insider Sport picks out some of the most obscure sponsorship deals penned ahead of the 2020/21 campaign…

Wolverhampton Wanderers: Manscaped

Wolves unveiled Manscaped as the club’s first official male grooming partner in September 2020, inking one of the most unique sponsorships ahead of the new season. According to the joint statement released by the Premier League club and the hygiene brand, the California-based company, which specialises in ‘below-the-belt waist grooming’, ships to the UK. Manscaped already has agreements in place with the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers, Australian National Rugby League team the Sydney Roosters, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). It’s good to know that Wolves players are… well groomed.

Arsenal: Zoom

Arsenal made the headlines when the top flight club partnered with Visit Rwanda back in 2018. The partnership drew criticism from politicians across the globe, with Rwanda listed as one of the poorest nations in the world, with a large percentage of the population living below the poverty line. However, the club was praised for its collaboration with Zoom, the popular conferencing and communications company. The deal was initially signed in March 2019 with club officials stating that the partnership would help bring the club closer to its fanbase, but little did they know how important Zoom would become the next year during the pandemic.

Manchester City: Hair World Turkey

If you ever wondered why all of the Manchester City squad have luscious locks of flowing hair, look no further than the club’s partnership with Hair World Turkey. The hair transplant clinic, based in Istanbul, released a promotional video in September last year marking the coming together of the two parties. The narrator described City as ‘the team that never gives up’, likening the club to Hair World Turkey, ‘the place of second chances’. Perhaps they enlisted the clinic to see if they could save Pep Guardiola’s receding hairline before it was too late – just a thought.

Liverpool: Joie Baby

If any Liverpool supporters out there think they’ve got a mini Mohamed Salah in their midst then the Reds have got you covered. In 2018, the club linked with Joie, naming the brand as its official family partner and global baby gear partner, in a deal which is still going strong today. Joie even launched a range of Liverpool-themed baby merchandise, including pushchairs and car seats so you can kit them out and get them started early!

Chelsea: MSC Cruises

It’s no secret that many of us – supporters, staff and players alike – are in need of a getaway amidst all the commotion. Chelsea recognised this and kept Swiss-based privately owned cruise company MSC Cruises on as its official global cruise partner for the duration of the 2020/21 season. Although it isn’t likely that anybody will be sailing away into the sunset any time soon, the company loaded its flagship boat, the Bellissima, full of Chelsea memorabilia and merchandise for travellers to purchase whilst on board the ship.

Everton: Clarity Sports

Whilst it might not be possible to jet off to some exotic, far flung destination in the Caribbean, for the meantime, you could always book a mini-break to … wait for it … Merseyside. Just last week, the Toffees named Clarity Sports as the club’s new official team and business travel partner, as well as the official match break partner. Through the sports travel company, supporters will be able to access match break packages, which include tickets to games and an overnight stay in the city, when fans can finally return to stadiums and sporting events in the UK. So, forget Gran Canaria because Goodison is where it’s at!

Tottenham Hotspur: Mammoth

A good night’s sleep is key to feeling refreshed and enhancing recovery, according to Spurs’ partnership with health and wellbeing firm Mammoth. The company became Tottenham’s official global mattress and pillow partner back in 2017 and the club renewed the deal earlier in January after seeing successful results when utilising Mammoth’s sleep and comfort technologies. However, Spurs was not the first club to trial a mattress partner. Manchester United first signed up Mlily as the Red Devils’ official mattress and pillow provider in 2016, leading nicely onto the next dynamic deal…

Manchester United: Gulf Oil International

You might wonder why a football club might require an official global fuel retail and lubricants sponsor but Manchester United saw a gap in the market in 2016 when selecting Gulf Oil International as its 24th global partner. Upon announcing the partnership, United explained that the deal would help to extend the club’s reach out to its Asian fanbase, not to mention Manchester United went on to win the FA Cup later that year, working together like a well oiled machine in the final against Crystal Palace. If only the club’s official vision partner could’ve peered into the future and told them not to sign Henrikh Mkhitaryan a few months later. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

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