Washington Football Team to reveal new name in 2022

The Washington Redskins compete against the Cleveland Browns, prior to the 2020 name change

The Washington Football Team of the National Football League (NFL) is set to reveal its new team identity in 2022.

A statement from the franchise on washingtonjourney.com, said: “We’ve transitioned from our old name. Now it’s time to write a new legacy. The future of Washington football arrives in 2022.”

The team initially abandoned its original title – the Washington Redskins – in 2020, following years of campaigning by Native American groups and other activists due to the racial connotations of the name.

A wave of protests against racial injustice in the US following the killing of George Floyd also contributed to the name change, as many activists called for a review of organisational titles, including sports teams.

The team has been working with creative agency Code and Theory to coordinate its rebranding efforts.

Jason Wright, the recently appointed President of the Washington Football Team, has confirmed that the temporary title will continue throughout the remainder of this year.

“I think next year is fast because of how the brand has to come together through uniforms, through approval processes, through the league,” Wright remarked.

“We could get there, [but] it’s actually pretty hard to get there that quickly because of all the steps that need to happen.”

The franchise became the first NFL team to gain a sports betting license in Virginia through a partnership with FanDuel last month, following the liberalisation of gambling regulations in the state.

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