Manchester City FC has announced the renewal of its multi-year global partnership with water technology company, Xylem.

In collaboration, the reigning Premier League champions will aim to urge 100 million people to address challenges such as drought and flooding by participating in water-related initiatives in their communities.  

Roel de Vries, City Football Group’s Group Chief Operating Officer, said: “We’re delighted to be able to announce the extension of the partnership with Xylem today. Over the last four years, we have been able to successfully combine our place in the world of football with Xylem’s expertise in water  education, to impact a huge number of people globally. 

“Using the voice and influence of Manchester City, NYCFC and Mumbai City, we will continue to raise awareness and change behaviours around sustainable approaches. We look forward to continuing this work over the coming years.” 

The renewed partnership includes the Manchester City men’s and women’s teams, and MLS Champions New York City FC and Mumbai City, who are part  of City Football Group (CFG).

Since 2018, the pair reportedly reached over a billion people through water awareness, education and volunteerism initiatives in a bid to further their mission to create a more sustainable world.

“When it comes to solving major challenges, our voices are more powerful together,” added Patrick Decker, President and CEO of Xylem. “That’s why one of the many ways Xylem advances water security is by engaging external stakeholders to put water on the agenda in new ways and venues.  

“Through our partnership, we are creating a unique and powerful platform to connect with millions of  fans around the world, spark conversation on water challenges and solutions – and inspire widespread action. We’re energised by the opportunities that lie ahead, and the potential to accelerate progress in our mission to solve water.”

The United Nations estimates that 3.2 billion people will live in severely water-scarce areas by 2050, if global warming continues at current projections. 

The three clubs and Xylem aim to elevate water within the global conversation on climate change through activities and dialogue that educate communities on the value of water, and projects to improve water and sanitation access. 

Similarly, in 2021, the pair joined forces with Puma to launch the world’s first sports jersey dedicated to raising awareness of water challenges. The jersey was made using a dope dye manufacturing process that reduces water consumption.

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