Stats Perform has revealed its expanded capabilities in the PressBox platform that aims to give media more ‘efficient and effective’ ways to consume and deliver content to sports fans. 

The sports tech firm specialising in data and AI has made enhancements to its PressBox Graphics, PressBox Live and PressBox Video to enable access to data, historical context, and mobile content creation solutions on an integrated platform.

Stats Perform looks to ‘empower media to revolutionise its content’ to meet the demands of the modern-day sports fans. 

Nancy Hensley, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Stats Perform, commented: “PressBox is the platform for sports media content creators to deliver the best experiences to sports fans. 

“With this offering, Stats Perform continues to drive transformative value and lead industry innovation in its ability to capture the moments that matter most to modern-day sports fans.”

In detail, the PressBox platform enables broadcasters, social media teams and content creators to access live match data, edit video highlights and create social graphics before, during and after the game.

The company continues to utilise AI along with expanding the depth of sports data, and has now introduced PressBox Graphics Mobile. This allows creators to leverage data and create and amplify content by sharing with colleagues, influencer networks, athlete groups, sports fans etc.

Additionally, PressBox Live included PressBox Live for NFL and NCAA football coverage, enhanced contextualised insights via a live data stream and provides direct access to Stat Perform’s data editorial team for fast data and insights.

Finally, PressBox Video expanded its in-platform editing capabilities, increased access to global sports video content and included a new pay-as-you-go premium sports video plan.

The enhancements aim to simplify workflows and increase access to the assets sports media content creators need to engage sports fans.

“There is nothing else on the market that matches the capabilities of the PressBox platform,” concluded Paul Every, Vice President of Product at Stats Perform. 

“We know the modern-day fan wants timely, relevant, quick, and easy to consume content. We know that media publications are in the race to capture loyal viewers. No one knows fan engagements better than Stats Perform.”

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