Angel City Football Club (ACFC) has revealed Chevrolet as both a founding partner and the exclusive sponsor of the team in the Mass Market Auto Manufacturer category.

The pair have underlined that they will reallocate 10% of the partnership back into the community through the Angel City Sponsorship Model. 

Furthermore, ACFC’s active content, community, and street team vehicles are to be upgraded with the firm providing new vehicles to ensure the team ‘safely and efficiently’ continues to make a positive impact on the community and remains connected with fans across the Southland. 

“‘If you build it, they will come’ doesn’t apply when transportation is one of the key barriers to access faced by large swaths of our LA community,” said Catherine Dávila, ACFC Head of Community.

“Together with Chevy, we are ensuring that the youth and families of our impact partners in some of the most traditionally underserved areas of the city get to take part in all aspects of the ACFC experience.

“A minimum of 100 community members will attend each home match, free of charge, with full transportation to and from the stadium provided by Chevy. We are grateful to Chevy and the GM family for their support of ACFC on so many levels and really look forward to bringing the partnership to life.” 

The company also participates in the team’s Fan Fests adjacent to the stadium and other fan events before all home games. Additionally, GM Financial will curate workshops for ACFC players and staff. 

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