The LA Rams have announced a multi-year partnership with Kraft Analytics Group (KAGR) with the latter facilitating its data to “better capture, understand and engage” the NFL franchise’s fans. 

KAGR aims to empower the Rams by using foundational data management tools, data warehousing, advanced analytics, and fan engagement capabilities to foster customer touchpoints within the growing analytics space, providing the Rams with a better understanding of how to connect and grow their fanbase. 

This is another sign of the LA team investing deeper into technology after recently announcing an interest to broaden its services using data and analytics, with KAGR now providing a team business management system to help facilitate growth throughout the organisation. 

“We are constantly seeking new ways to innovate, on and off the field,” said Rams Chief Marketing Officer, Kathryn Kai-ling Frederick

“To that end, we have committed to actively evolving our marketing technology stack and bring in new platforms that are at the forefront of their respective industries. We see KAGR as one of those platforms and are excited to integrate them as a key foundational piece that will power all direct-to-fan data strategies to drive growth.”

KAGR has worked with clients across all major US sports leagues, integrating over 20 customer and operations data sources to offer a new lens into the consumer and will now accelerate the Rams’ vision to expand data as an asset.

In addition to a league-wide partnership with the NFL, the Rams are the third team to use KAGR’s SaaS data and analytics platform, joining the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots.

“The Los Angeles Rams are a championship team utilising top of the line technology to create advanced and innovative experiences for their evolving fans and stakeholders in every aspect of the team’s operations, from the new SoFi stadium and recent Super Bowl win to their fans at home,” said Jessica Gelman, CEO of KAGR. 

“KAGR is pleased to partner with the Rams to enhance their current platforms by using our proven technology and strategies that will lead to more robust and diverse ways to create business opportunities and engage fans.”

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