Football artificial intelligence (AI) firm Soccerment has announced a three-year partnership with Inter Milan and player Federico Dimarco to help “transform the future of football” through AI. 

Dimarco will become Soccerment’s ‘XSEED Key Player’, tapping into what the company specialises in, which is smart wearable technology, and football data analytics platform, which aims to bridge the gap between elite and grassroot levels through technology. 

As part of the collaboration, the Inter Milan and Italy full-back will utilise Soccerment’s XSEED AI-integrated shin guards, which provide advanced data and feedback. Soccerment will in turn provide Dimarco with unique insights to help develop and refine his game in the company’s hopes of finding the next evolution of player development.

Dimarco stated: “Aligning with Soccerment presents a unique avenue to further refine my game and connect with fans in an unprecedented manner. 

“Their commitment to data and technological enhancement within football echoes my journey of continual improvement and I am thrilled to explore the limitless possibilities this partnership beholds.”

The collaboration will also aim to foster a pathway for young talents in the game by providing a lens into the best approaches professional players take on a day-to-day basis, such as Dimarco. 

Soccerment and Dimarco will connect with grassroots level players aiming to craft a “future where every player has access to transformative data and technological advancements to enhance their game”. 

The three-year partnership signifies, according to Soccerment, a shared vision of revolutionising football through new and emerging technologies and data insights to enhance the athletic performance of players.

Aldo Comi, CEO of Soccerment, added: “Embarking on this journey with Federico Dimarco, a player whose career personifies relentless dedication and progression, mirrors Soccerment’s commitment to perpetual innovation and evolution within the football industry. 

“This partnership is not merely a collaboration but a fusion of elite skill and technology, destined to elevate the sport into a new era of data-driven excellence.”

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