Jon Rahm completes transition from the PGA Tour to LIV Golf


Professional golfer and Masters title holder Jon Rahm has officially transferred from the PGA Tour to the Saudi-backed LIV Golf

Making an appearance on Fox News, Rahm publicly stated that the main driver behind his move from the PGA Tour to LIV Golf was the “great offer” from the Saudi side, while also making sure to keep any financial details regarding the deal out of the discussion.

“There were a lot of things LIV had to offer that were really enticing,” Rahm commented. 

Reports suggest that the move has the potential to earn him around $570m (£450m), depending on his performance during the tour. 

Despite this, Rahm chose to remain tightlipped and further added: “I can’t comment on any of that, nor do I want to.

“It is private and it is going to stay private. Listen, it was a great offer. The money is great, it is wonderful.”

An interesting aspect of Rahm’s new venture at LIV will be playing in its team golf format – something that the Spaniard was reminiscent of by going back to his years playing for the Spanish national team and Arizona State. 

“Being part of a team has been something that’s really big for me throughout my career. As a pro, you don’t have that chance very often. It is something that is very very fun to play, for something that is more than just yourself.”

On his departure from the PGA Tour, Rahm added: “This wasn’t anything personal for them, it was for my family. I hope the friends that I made stay my friends.”

The PGA Tour has recently been trying to find solid ground under its feet after announcing its intent to merge with the PIF-backed LIV Golf. 

Concerns have been raised by US officials over the potential foreign meddling with American internal affairs, but the Tour has remained firm in its decision to close the deal with LIV by the end of this year.  

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