EPIC and Entain sign with MLB to educate staff and players on gambling prevention


Entain Foundation US and EPIC Global Solutions have partnered with the MLB to boost player education efforts  about the prevention of gambling-related harms. 

The deal entails that EPIC will provide live educational sessions focused experiences, responsible gambling and mental health to Minor League players and other select MLB personnel, while Entain US will deliver the funding to facilitate these sessions. 

Quest Meeks, Vice President, Sports Betting & Compliance at MLB, commented: “We believe that EPIC’s impressive program facilitators, including an ex-minor leaguer, will communicate critical insights on gambling harm prevention in relatable and compelling ways.

“Our younger minor league players in particular are coming into the league at a time when mobile sports betting is an increasingly prominent part of the sports ecosystem. We want to help those players avoid gambling-related pitfalls that can derail not only their careers, but also their day-to-day lives more generally.”

Entain – which is active in the US via BetMGM, its joint venture with MGM Resorts – has a history of engagement with lower league sports. This week, the FTSE100 company published its Social Impact Report, outlining its initiatives in grassroots sport.

Martin Lycka, Entain’s Senior Vice President for American Regulatory Affairs and Responsible Gambling and Trustee of Entain Foundation US, added: “Entain Foundation U.S. is proud to support EPIC Risk Management’s effort to educate the Major League Baseball community about problem gambling.

“We must take a preventative approach to gambling harm, particularly those involved in sports, so educating the baseball community on responsible gambling practices is a critical measure.”

The partnership will commence in 2024, and will follow the proven EPIC and Entain model of educating professional athletes, collegiate athletes, coaches, and teams at national universities. 

For EPIC Global Solutions, the partnership closely follows the group’s rebrand from its long-running identity of EPIC Risk Management, reflecting the international growth trajectory experienced by the UK-based consultancy in recent years.

Ben McGregor, Director of Sports Partnerships at EPIC Global Solutions, added: “We are pleased to be able to support baseball to take a proactive stance on player protection against gambling-related harm through our innovative lived experience approach, sharing the stories of those who have experienced gambling disorder first hand.

“Working with such an iconic American institution provides a unique opportunity to not only help the players connected to every franchise, but also the wider supporter base across the country, who can learn more about the potential effects of gambling harm through the increased profile this program will generate. 

“We thank Major League Baseball and Entain Foundation U.S. for providing this platform for wider awareness.”

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