The world of sports media and betting is constantly evolving and Checkd Dev is positioning at the forefront of this transformation with its ‘Boxing News‘ app. Designed for both avid boxing aficionados and casual fans alike, this app combines the latest news, live fight scoring and betting features onto a single platform. 

Andrew Grimshaw, Commercial Director of Checkd Dev, underscores the importance of this interconnected approach, stating: “It’s all so intertwined. Now, consumption of content, buying merchandise, buying a ticket for a live event, consuming video, placing a bet are all interlinked. And that is one of the things that Checkd is ahead of the curve on understanding.”

A key driver for the Checkd Dev’s app is its ambition to redefine the way boxing enthusiasts engage with the sport. Through strategic partnerships with the Boxing News media outlet and bookmaker bet365, the company has crafted a unique platform.

At the heart of the app is a fight predictor game. This feature allows users to test their knowledge and intuition by predicting fight outcomes and climbing a public leaderboard that is based on their choices to showcase their expertise. 

Adam Patton, Managing Director of Checkd Dev, explains: “The predictor and the scorecard are two unique features that are within the app and are perfect examples of what we’re trying to do here, which is give fans a voice.”

One of the strategic partnerships instrumental in creating the app is with Boxing News, a publication with a rich history dating back to 1909. As the longest-running boxing magazine still in circulation, Boxing News brings a wealth of credibility and neutrality to the platform. 

Patton highlights this, saying: “What we liked about them is that they’ve got such a legitimate voice in what is a bit of a murky world. They’ve done a brilliant job of staying neutral, which ties itself perfectly with what we’re trying to do with the app.”

Since its acquisition by iD Sports Media, Boxing News has modernised its approach without losing its core values, making it an ideal partner for Checkd Dev’s ambitious project.

In addition, the app integrates seamlessly with bet365, allowing users to place bets on fight outcomes. This partnership offers users features like accumulators and real-time odds display. 

Patton emphasises the depth of this collaboration: “Our integrations are probably as deep as they are with anybody else. So, that means that within an affiliate product, we can give the best user experience.”

Currently, users are redirected to bet365 to place bets, but future updates aim to streamline this process, especially for UK users, through the integration of bet365’s API gateway. Patton notes: “We could get to the point in regards to UK users, where we could take bets on the app via bet365’s API gateway, which reduces friction for the user.”

Moreover, the app’s gamification features, including a dynamic scorecard and a leaderboard, enhance user interaction and engagement. Patton adds: “We are letting people predict the fight nights and show off their knowledge with a consistent solid leaderboard. Boxing is definitely a sport where people think they know about it and in most cases think they know better than everybody else.

“We are letting people predict the fight nights and show off their knowledge with a consistent solid leaderboard. Boxing is definitely a sport where people think they know about it and in most cases think they know better than everybody else.”

Adam Patton

The future for the Checkd Dev app is bright, with significant growth potential – particularly in the US market. Despite boxing being considered a niche sport in the US in comparison to the likes of the NBA and NFL, it has a substantial and passionate following. 

Over the past three years, Checkd has made significant investments in the US market, acquiring licences and establishing crucial infrastructure. Patton describes the US as the “biggest driver” for the company launching the product. 

Even with minimal funding, Checkd Group has made a notable impact in the US. Patton expresses optimism about their strategy, saying: “We are focused on growing in the US, we’ve had some initial success without any funding. We’re a relatively small business and we’ve already made a pretty decent splash in the US.”

Grimshaw concludes: “I think our particular focus is actually on the premium app space in the US market. Yeah, there are various apps in that market, but we feel we’re very well placed to release something that is super competitive to some of those apps in that space because it’s what we know and it’s what we have done.”

Additionally, Patton discussed digital synergy in issue 30 of SBC Leaders magazine. You can read his insights here, which highlight the importance of seamless integration across platforms for maximizing efficiency and fostering growth.

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