Tabcorp, Arena Racing Company (ARC), Racecourse Media Group (RMG) and 1/ST CONTENT have joined forces to create a racing network of rights holders.

The announcement outlines that the four leading brands in the horse and greyhound racing world are looking to create a network of rights holders that will distribute content across multiple international markets. 

Brendan Parnell, Managing Director of Media and International at ARC, said: “Customers will be able to enjoy access to a complete service hub which will enable our betting partners to deliver a best-in-breed product to their consumers at any time of the day, every day.

“The strength of our data and wagering technology, coupled with a depth of 24/7 broadcast and video streaming rights, places this newly-created alliance in the vanguard of driving growth and diversified revenues for the horse and greyhound racing sector.”

Following the deal, both global and local operators will be able to choose from an array of 24/7 racing video, data and wagering solutions in what has been described as a “one-stop-shop” cost-effective solution, while wagering customers obtain easier access to additional content and services.  

“1/ST CONTENT is excited to announce this strategic alliance to deliver an all-encompassing one-stop-shop for 24/7 international racing that effortlessly fits into any time-zone, country or region,” added Aidan Butler, President of 1/ST.

“We look forward to increasing distribution of North and South American and Turkish racing via our partners’ many channels.

“This agreement leverages a broad suite of products and services, and demonstrates how working together will allow us to bring our content to new customers.”

Paul, Brendan, Aidan and Martin.
Paul, Brendan, Aidan and Martin

The parties involved aim to provide a round-the-clock schedule that naturally complements any international racing or sporting programme across varied time-zones, providing a worldwide client base with a reliable source of fast-settling betting content for both primetime and off-peak viewing slots.

Paul Carew, Chief Operating Officer at Tabcorp, stated: “Tabcorp prides itself on raising the game through innovation of our market leading products and services and this truly international partnership again highlights that collective commitment.

“We’re excited to combine our premium racing content from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates with the best racing from the United Kingdom and North America to create a service that will deliver a first-class racing experience to a new audience.”

The four groups will use their ‘geographic expertise’ to benefit new global clients, with parties delivering carefully curated, localised solutions that are tailored to varied audiences and their respective wagering preferences.

Martin Stevenson, CEO of RMG, concluded: “This is an excellent illustration of different racing jurisdictions innovating together to create new products and services to grow access and interest in horse racing around the world.”

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