Sportradar has released its second OTT white paper, ‘The Future of the OTT Experience’, in which it examines how rights holders and content owners can maximise sports data and statistical insights to heighten engagement amongst modern viewers.

The white paper provided advanced insights into the growth and engagement of OTT services and emphasised that data is key to the personalisation of content and the overall monetisation strategy for rights holders, content owners and sports teams.

One of the other key takeaways from the report was the increasing importance of data when it comes to rights holders increasing engagement and monetising their offering. 

Felix Blank, Director of Digital Platforms at Sportradar, commented: “Following the positive feedback we received around our first white paper – The Monetisation of OTT and Data – we are pleased to be able to continue sharing both our and our clients’ knowledge with rights holders and content owners.

“In a splintered and competitive media landscape, publishers need to ensure their video strategy is as engaging and user-focused as it can be. By using data not only to keep viewers engaged but also properly monetise the overall strategy, rights holders can fully leverage their digital ecosystem.”

The white paper also covers how the inclusion of betting content and advanced insights can grow engagement with modern audiences and keep them on platforms longer.

It features comment and analysis from Sportradar clients including Borussia Dortmund, Onefootball and the European Volleyball Confederation, offering a myriad of key points on the evolving role of data in sports broadcasting. 

The white paper is available to download here.  

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