The NHL has partnered with Disney Streaming Services for the launch of GameFlow, a new interactive tool that leverages shot pressure data to provide fans with a visual depiction of a game’s momentum.

Available exclusively in the NHL mobile app, fans can access GameFlow during or after a game via Gamecenter to follow the flow of a game and track how offensive shot pressure corresponds to goals.

The GameFlow visualisation captures the rate of all shots attempted during a game, including goals, missed or blocked shots, and saves. The larger the graph, the more shot pressure a team is generating in the offensive zone. Vertical grid lines are drawn at the NHL average of 55 shots per 60 minutes and twice that, at 110 shots per 60 minutes, while markers along the vertical timeline indicate significant milestones during the game.

Fans can tap on milestones and goals to view the action as a stand-alone video highlight, while NHL.TV subscribers can also jump to stream the game from that point.

Barry Tishgart, SVP and General Manager, Hockey, Disney Streaming Services commented: “We are excited to introduce this season new and engaging tools that bring hockey fans deeper into the trends and play habits outside of typical box scores. GameFlow is a first-of-its-kind data visualisation experience that we believe has the potential to revolutionise sports streaming.”

Steve McArdle, NHL Executive Vice President of Digital Media & Strategic Planning added: “NHL fans are very tech savvy and embrace innovative digital experiences like GameFlow that take them further inside the game. Fan engagement and technological innovation are paramount to our partnership with Disney Streaming Services, and we’re thrilled to collaborate with them to deliver this novel second screen interactive experience.”

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