BHA releases new measures as June resumption nears

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) has confirmed that on 22 May, it will publish its fixture list to the end of June, with 72-hour declarations becoming compulsory until further notice.

It comes as the racing body ramps up its plans for a 1 June resumption that is in line with the UK Government’s provisional timetable for the return of sport behind closed doors.

The exact timetable will be based on ‘best-case scenario planning for resumption on 1 June’, with protocols for the resumption racing behind closed doors due to be published no later than May 26.

Protocols will focus upon safeguarding the health of employees and participants as the sport returns, with measures related to personal protective equipment and social distancing prioritised.

Similar to the guidance issued by Westminster last week, the Welsh Government has recently published its roadmap for easing lockdown restrictions, with a ‘traffic light’ guide that includes team, individual and non-contact sports and behind closed doors events in the ‘amber’ phase.

The Scottish Government is due to unveil its plans on Thursday. Neither government has yet outlined a specific timeline for the return of sport behind closed doors; therefore, it is possible that circumstances and timescales may differ across the UK.

Racing industry leaders and the BHA Public Affairs Team have reiterated that they remain in direct contact with the Sport Ministers in Scotland and Wales around planning for a ‘risk-managed resumption of racing’ as soon as possible.

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