Spanish football clubs have been given until the end of the current season to ensure any sponsorship and partnerships with gambling related companies are concluded.

This follows a new era for Spanish gambling after Spain’s Council of Ministers approved the passing of the ‘Royal Decree on Advertising’.

As part of the new federal law, Spain’s gambling advertisements, excluding ONCE and SALAE lotteries, will need to apply a ‘night time window of 1-5am’ across all traditional media. 

Furthermore, Spanish licensed operators must ensure that all digital and social media adverts include age restriction filters which must be approved by audiences before viewing.

Alberto Garzón, Consumer Affairs Minister: “Investments in gambling advertising have extraordinarily exploded in recent years, they’ve flooded the media and our daily lives.

“With the Royal Decree, we respond to a need and the social alarm that has been generated in recent years, the political sector needed to answer [to that]. It puts the necessary measures on the table, following scientific evidence.

“As we face this phenomenon, we answer with this Royal Decree that we approve this morning, and we aim to defend public health, protect vulnerable groups such as minors, the youth and people with certain pathological behaviours that can be developed as a result of the intensive practice of these activities.”

In regards to the early hours exemption, he said: “Even so, the messages will have to be highly restricted to a series of elements included in the law so that they cannot encourage gambling. It will be impossible to see gambling advertisements in these media channels.

“We’ll also ban advertising on the internet, social networks and online outlets. This also applies to sports events, and from the moment it comes into force, it won’t be possible for them to keep advertising.

“Celebrities won’t be able to participate in gambling ads either, as they play a huge role in influencing young people. We also ban sponsorships on football teams, basketball teams and facilities, as betting operators have played a very important role in these institutions. In addition, we also ban bonuses.

“Sports teams will need to cancel the sponsorship agreements before August 2021. This period is reasonable as it allows gambling operators and related companies to have enough time to adapt their commercial relationships and guarantee the economic viability of all those affected.”

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