NBC has announced plans to broadcast over 7,000 hours of coverage of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games across its various platforms.

Of the 7,000 total hours of content, cable sports network NBCSN will showcase 440 hours and the USA Network will distribute 380 hours, whilst the bulk of the content will feature on the NBColympics.com website, totalling 5,000 hours of Olympic coverage.

Additionally, the Comcast-owned broadcaster will showcase more than 1,300 hours of content between 20 July and 8 August – the date of the closing ceremony – across five of its platforms; USA Network, CNBC, NBCSN, Olympic Channel: Home of Team USA and the Golf Channel.

The Olympic Channel will feature all Team USA events, including wrestling and tennis, whilst the entire suite of Olympic golf fixtures will be covered by its Golf Channel, and Spanish-language content will also be distributed via Telemundo Deportes.

Meanwhile, the CNBC service will provide primetime coverage of various events including rugby, diving, rowing, and rugby, for a total of 100 hours of content.

“After a devastating year, the world comes together again, finally, in Tokyo this summer,” said Molly Solomon, Executive Producer and President of NBC Olympics Production

“We are going to deliver the most comprehensive — and accessible — coverage for any sports event in history.  

“The depth and breadth of our broadcasts will be unprecedented, showcasing once-in-a-generation athletes and storylines that will capture the incredible uniqueness of these Games and our times.”

Over 250 hours of the biggest news stories of the game will also be featured in the broadcasting schedule, including 17 consecutive primetime slots with host Mike Tirico, whilst the Today and NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt programmes will provide updates live from the event.

The broadcaster also has plans to cover the rescheduled event on its newly launched Peacock streaming platform but has stated that this announcement is ‘forthcoming’.

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