The Panamanian Baseball Federation (PBF) has signed an agreement with Betcris which becomes the exclusive sponsor in the sports betting category of the 2022 Major Baseball Championship.

This collaboration allows Betcris to have a presence in the baseball stadiums throughout the country that will host the games during the championship, which begins 20 May.

A statement from the gambling firm read: “Over time, Betcris has been dedicated to building and expanding a portfolio of important strategic alliances throughout Latin America. 

“This new sponsorship confirms Betcris’s commitment to supporting the development of baseball, where it is also the sponsor of Major League Baseball.”

Furthermore, Betrcis has stated that it will add ‘better betting options’ for customers who follow the competition, and, for the first time the Latin American-company is authorised to offer local bets to this league.

As an official sponsor, Betcris obtains image use rights from the federation, including the use of the organisation’s logo, the names of the teams and the players. PBF will also offer brand exposure during live broadcasts on the Fedebeis YouTube channel and on Facebook Live. 

Additionally, Costa-Rica-based Betcris will be allowed to include 30-second advertising slots during broadcasts and will also appear on other channels such as PBF’s social networks.

The pair initially linked back in 2019 when Betcris became the sporting body’s principal sponsor for the Major Baseball Championship. Here, the firm was given rights to use the company’s logo, names of the teams and players.

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