Major League Baseball (MLB) has signed a multi-year partnership with production company Imagine Entertainment for the creation of MLB-focused multimedia content.

Founded by Director Ron Howard and Producer Brian Grazer, Imagine Entertainment will support multiple projects depicting MLB in various lights, as well as exploring the most colourful personalities in the sport’s history.

“I’ve always been drawn to the drama, high stakes and emotion of baseball ever since I was a kid in the bleachers of Dodger Stadium,” said Howard.

“These also happen to be the very same elements that make for a great movie or television show, which is why Brian, Imagine and I are so excited to be teaming up with Major League Baseball to bring more of their stories to life.”

Since its establishment in 1985, Imagine has gone on to produce various individual pieces of media across a plethora of genres. Co-led by Howard and Grazer, the company has already made several sports projects, with “The Day Sports Stood Still” and “Swagger” being two of the most recognisable.

As part of its latest MLB partnership, the first project in the pipeline for Imagine is a documentary that focuses on this year’s World Series finals, exploring the on- and off-field narratives surrounding the major baseball event.

Noah Garden, MLB Chief Revenue Officer, commented: “Collaborating with Ron Howard and Imagine is a dream come true. The opportunities that come with two premier global media companies partnering are limitless.

“Couple that with Ron’s passionate and vocal fandom for the game of baseball and we know we have a framework to produce unmatched content for fans to enjoy across a collection of platforms.”

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