Manchester City captain  Ilkay Gündoğan, will feature in the second instalment of cryptocurrency exchange OKX’s latest ‘OKX Collective’ metaverse titled ‘Make Your Play’. 

The Manchester City captain becomes the second player to feature in the series, kick-started by centre-back Rúben Días in ‘Train Like Días’, which allowed fans to enter the metaverse to gain insight into his training routine. 

Gündoğan’s ‘Make Your Play’ follows a similar pattern, inviting fans into the digital world to learn the tactical skills needed to win in big game situations, as the German international also gives his explanations of his in-game decision making. 

Gündoğan stated: “The beauty of our game is in the tactics. As someone who loves coaching and highlighting the tactical skills that are needed to win, it is hugely exciting to be able to share what I know in an arena like the OKX metaverse.”

The latest edition to the OKX Collective metaverse serves as a part of a multi-year partnership between Manchester City and the crypto exchange which was inked in March 2022. 

OKX became City’s training kit sponsor last summer and launched the OKX Collective metaverse alongside Gündoğan, Días, Jack Grealish and Alex Greenwood earlier this year, with the latter two expected to feature in more metaverse series. 

OKX began its foray into the metaverse by acquiring land in the Everdome digital world, which aims to bring in players from Manchester City to harness the potential of the metaverse through ‘unique programming’. 

“Hot on the heels of Rúben Días taking to the metaverse to show us how he maintains top performance for matchday, I’m very excited to get insights into İlkay’s tactical approach in the same forum,” commented Haider Rafique, Global Chief Marketing Officer at OKX.

“İlkay is an incredible football mind, and this chance to benefit from his expert knowledge in an interactive virtual environment provides a glimpse into how Web3 stands to overhaul the ways we connect and interact in the future.”

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