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Formula 1 has signed a new multi-year deal with sports lifestyle brand PUMA that will see the production and distribution of F1-branded merchandise at Grand Prix races.

PUMA has collaborated on many motorsport projects since the mid-1980s, including the development of specialised fireproof clothing and high-performance racing gear, as well as fan footwear and accessories which the new deal will focus on. 

Both companies have stated that the creation of a new line of F1 fanwear will meet the demands of the sport’s growing audience, while also equipping all F1 personnel at the circuit with PUMA-made uniforms from 2024. 

Stefano Domenicali, President and CEO of Formula 1, said: “As F1 continues to grow around the world, we have been reaching new fans through exciting collaborations and are seeing the sport enter areas of mainstream culture we have not seen before. 

“PUMA has a rich history in motorsport, making them the perfect fit for F1 as we take the sport’s apparel to the next level for fans on the street, drivers in the paddock, and everything else in between.”

Arne Freundt, CEO of PUMA, added: “PUMA has become the most authentic and credible sports brand in motorsports and has the expertise to create the best products for the world’s leading drivers and teams as well as for its fans. 

“The influence of motorsport, and Formula 1 in particular on sports – and streetwear culture has significantly increased in recent years. Our new partnership with Formula 1 is an exciting opportunity to further explore this blend of motorsports and lifestyle. 

“PUMA has always sat at the intersection of sports and fashion, and we feel we are in the perfect position to translate the culture of the sport into relevant streetwear collections and drive brand heat with a young, affluent, and diverse audience.”

The deal further entails that the new F1 apparel of all ten teams will be available for purchase on PUMA’s website, as well as from fan retail stores placed at a number of F1 races throughout the season, which will be managed by PUMA subsidiary stichd.

Nina Nix, CEO of stichd, commented: “Selling fanwear at every F1 race is a fun and challenging project because the conditions at every track are different, from the hillsides of Zeltweg and Spa to the city centres of Monaco and Baku. 

“No matter where the race is held, stichd will create a truly immersive fan experience that goes well beyond selling fanwear.”

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