Mobile tech and e-commerce platform Everi has been announced as a part of Inter Miami’s mobile strategy aimed to enhance the soccer club’s fan engagement. 

Inter Miami will tap into Everi’s Venuetize platform to give supporters of the MLS club a ‘refreshed user experience’, enabling them to follow news, live scores, upcoming fixtures, standings, as well as buying and selling matchday tickets. 

Fans will also be able to receive transportation and rideshare information through the Inter Miami app, powered by Everi. The collaboration also enables fans to take a “one-of-a-kind” tour through Inter Miami’s mobile store.

“As the foundation for Inter Miami’s supporter engagement mobile strategy, Everi’s Venuetize platform is flexible enough to reach club supporters wherever they’re at, with best-in-class marketing support,” said Darren Simmons, Everi Executive Vice President and Fintech Business Leader.

Along with its brand-new user interface, the recreated Inter Miami app will aim to become a one-stop shop for the matchday fan experience, as fans can support the team from their mobile devices.

Simmons added: “Our collective goal is to deliver a unique matchday experience that engages supporters at greater levels, all while giving them a platform to directly interact with the numerous offerings from the club.”

The partnership arrives at a crucial time for Inter Miami, having recently agreed a deal to sign Lionel Messi to the club for two and a half years. 

The added features and improved user experience provided by Everi and its Venuetize platform will give the club a more efficient approach to handle the expected increased exposure the club will receive due to the global audience Messi will surely bring.

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