Genius Sports has made its latest move in the sports fan engagement space by launching a privacy-compliant identification solution, FanHub ID.

The product utilities online and offline data signals and AI technology to create fan-based profiles. The target market for the product are marketers and content owners, who Genius states can use FanHub ID to ‘reach and measure’ sports audiences ‘at scale’.

This works by offering a single unified profile for large numbers of sports fans, enabling marketers and sports content creators to target specific audiences according to relevant contexts. 

Manny Puentes, GM of Advertising at Genius Sports, said: “Sports fans make up the world’s most passionate audiences, but marketers and content owners still struggle to identify, measure, and engage their fan personas. FanHub ID gives them the ability to activate fan data to enable long-term loyalty.”

London-based sportstech and data provider Genius – which is active internationally and partnered with a huge range of sports stakeholders including leagues, associations, clubs, bookmakers and media outlets – plans to distribute its new product to all existing partners.

Fan engagement is one of Genius’ core areas of focus and has been an underpinning objective of some of the NYSE-listed firm’s most prominent commercial arrangements, such as its partnership with the Premier League.

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