Sponsorship is one of the most common marketing methods for betting operators to raise awareness of their brand and products, and can be very useful when launching in a new market.

However, the sponsorship landscape has been changing, and 2023 in particular saw policymakers across various European markets look to limit betting’s visibility. Following nye expekt’s launch in Denmark earlier this year, SBC News spoke to the LeoVegas brand’s Country Manager, Jacob Schytte, about these dynamics.

SBC: Can you explain how nye expekt’s engagement with the Danish Superliga will contribute to the brand’s market leadership ambitions? 

Jacob Schytte: This will be huge exposure for nye expekt, both on TV and pitchside. The league is such an important part of Danish sports culture and we’re really excited about being part of it. 

Our brand presence in the form of a 3D carpet on the pitch plus the TV exposure as a betting partner during the half-time breaks will all make a significant contribution to increasing brand awareness. Also, we wish to send a strong signal to the players that we want this, that we are serious about our commitment and want to be part of the game.

SBC: How does nye expekt’s Danish football partnership complement LeoVegas’ deals with Manchester City, Inter Milan and Blackpool?

JS: The Superliga partnership is local and more specific to the Danish market, and it’s also the first time we’ve sponsored a league rather than a team, giving us exposure across all teams who play in the league and a more ‘unbiased’ presence. 

The Danes are obviously really interested in the Premier League too – possibly betting more on this league than the Superliga, so with our Manchester City FC partnership we are covering the two main leagues that are of interest to our Danish customers. 

Our partnerships with teams like Manchester City FC and Inter Milan FC are more global in their outlook and therefore reach a broader, more diverse audience through local and international exposure. 

SBC: With safer gambling and player protection under the spotlight in many markets, how will LeoVegas balance these partnerships with responsible gambling commitments? 

JS: We always take player protection seriously – it’s a foundational block of everything we do. There are strict guidelines that we follow from the regulations in the markets we are present in, and we work constantly to ensure that we offer the very best but also safest and fully compliant gaming experience to our customers in all the markets where we are present. 

SBC: Are you at all concerned about the future viability of such arrangements due to increasing clampdowns on advertising and sponsorship across Europe? 

JS: It’s true that regulations are becoming more restrictive in some markets, and Denmark seems to be one of those. We will have to see how things pan out in the future, and will adapt accordingly if/ when things change.

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