The Argentine Football Association (AFA) has strengthened its links to the fintech sector via a partnership with Naranja X, a Spanish-language market focused firm.

Naranja X, which operates development centres in Buenos Aires and the Spanish city of Córdoba, has become the main sponsor of the Argentine Primera División for the remainder of 2024.

The AFA’s new partner has an operational focus in a number of areas relating to fintech and financial services, including card payments, loan issuing,insurance and assistance services.

Claudio Tapia, AFA President, remarked: “In all these years of management we have developed a strong expansion of the AFA brand throughout the world and of the Professional League, generating links with top-level companies that accompany our projects. 

“The most important and experienced companies understand this and year after year they renew confidence in our professionalism in management. Thanks to this agreement with Naranja X, we can begin our relationship with one of the most important brands in its field. Today we welcome Naranja X as official sponsor of the Professional Football League.”

The agreement marks a continuation of the AFA’s already extensive engagement with the fintech and payments sectors. The Naranja X deal follows on from agreements with forex broker platform XTrend, American Express and crypto exchange Binance, among other deals.

Engagement with Web 3 innovations, alongside fintech, has become a defining feature of sports’ commercial side in recent years, as clubs and associations examine how they can leverage emerging technologies, with the AFA beingbeen no exception to this.

Julieta López, Head of Branding at Naranja X, said: “It is our mission to provide opportunities for people to enjoy unique experiences. This bond goes beyond a business partnership; It is a commitment to access to entertainment and experience. 

“This agreement allows us to not only strengthen our brand presence, but also open the doors to exciting moments that will further unite the football community. We are excited to be part of this journey, sharing emotions and connecting with the very essence of football passion.”

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