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LaLiga is moving to strengthen its visibility in the highly lucrative North American market via a deal with Samsung, which will deliver news and updates from the league.

Spain’s top-flight professional football league is, like other tournaments, becoming intently aware of the opportunities and growth prospects in the US. 

North America’s appetite for football/soccer is growing, and with LaLiga home to some of the sport’s biggest brands, there is strong potential for engagement on the continent.

The collaboration with Samsung will work to achieve this by delivering laLiga content to Galaxy devices via Samsung News. There will also be a Spanish version to appeal to the huge Spanish-speaking community in North America.

“Our goal is to deliver content to our fans wherever they are, and partnering with Samsung will allow millions of our fans to stay updated with the latest news on LaLiga,” said Alan Nissim, Head of Business Operations for LaLiga North America.

“This partnership will serve as a new tool to promote the league and enhance the service that LaLiga North America provides to our broadcast partners in the region.”

As noted above, the North American soccer scene poses a lot of opportunities for Europe’s established leagues, many of which are taking note of this – although according to some such as Neil Joyce, CEO of CLV Group, believe the opportunity is not being seized fast enough.

Indicative of America’s growing interest in football are viewing figures, with NBC’s coverage of the Premier League proving a roaring success. There have apparently been discussions for some of the English top-flight’s games to be held in the US.

Partnering with organisations with a wide reach and customer base, like Sansung, seems like a logical step for these leagues. For companies like Samsung, it represents an opportunity to also leverage the growth opportunity these sports present.

“Every day, millions of people look to Samsung News for instant and personalised updates on the topics that matter the most to them,” said Maya Harris, Head of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships for Samsung.

“In adding LaLiga content to the service, we are giving soccer fans the news they need and broadening access to even more people.”

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