Mikel López de Torre: Promoting integrity through sponsorship

Chairman of JdigitalMikel López de Torre has emphasised the importance of brand association and discussed how sponsoring a major sports league can allow operators to promote the emotion of sport. 

Giving an interview at last month’s Betting on Sports Conference, Torre explained some of the advantages associated with the Jdigital sponsorship of La Liga and touched on how the two entities have worked together on core values such as integrity.

He stated: “When you can associate your brand to one of the main competitions worldwide, such as La Liga which is arguably one of the top two competitions in the world of football, that’s something that gives you instant status.

“It’s been fantastic for us. Back in 2013 we signed a deal with La Liga and we’ve been together working both to promote our brand and to promote the values that we share: integrity, gambling responsibly and the promotion of sports as well as the emotions around sports for our customers.” 

Moreover, the chairman also discussed how events such as the upcoming SBC Summit in Barcelona can give ‘visibility to the industry’ and to the benefits within it.  

Torre Concluded: “Great news obviously an event such as ‘Betting on Sports’ coming to our home turf. We are actually based in Barcelona so it’s great news for us in particular as a company. It’s also great for the country as a whole. 

“I think events like this help to shed more light into how sports betting works, the actual dimension of the industry, the services and economic advantages that come with having a good regulated thriving industry of sports betting and I think at the very least it’s something that is going to give visibility to the industry and to the many benefits that it brings along.” 

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