Sportradar elevates Forza Football content and advertising offering

Sportradar has partnered with technology firm Forza Football to manage the advertising inventory within its live score app.

The data provider will connect its global network of betting operators with Forza Football and its audience, optimising advertising placements by utilising Sportradar’s ad:s data-driven marketing solution. The collaboration will enable a high level of personalised messaging through its Marketing Cloud platform to form long-term commercial relationships.

“We are the pioneers in live scores with more than 20 million downloads,” said Patrik Arnesson, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Forza Football. “In one football season Forza Football sent seven billion push notifications, registered five billion views and delivered one billion sessions. Forza Football’s unprecedented engagement represents huge marketing potential for brands and Sportradar is the perfect partner to find brands that can utilise our strong brand and highly engaged users all over the world.

“This will let us focus more on what we know best, product development. Over the coming years we aim to redefine and reinvent what a live score product is and can be.” 

Through the partnership, Sportradar’s customers will be provided with more than one billion advertising contacts per month and offered exclusive access to content through Sportradar’s proprietary DSP, which is custom-built for the betting and gaming industry.

Furthermore, as well as working with Forza Football to maximise their advertising inventory, the sports betting firm will supply the company with its API based statistics data, providing them with the tools to further develop their content offering.

Rainer Geier, Chief Product Officer of Sports Entertainment at Sportradar, added: “The ad:s platform is unrivalled in its ability to deliver efficient and highly targeted marketing campaigns for bookmakers, truly highlighting the value we can add to their business.

“We’re excited to be working with Forza Football and helping them realise the full potential of their brand.”

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