SBIF relaunches website to protect UK sports integrity

The Sports Betting Integrity Forum (SBIF) has revamped its online resources and website to provide a better platform for informing all relevant UK sports integrity stakeholders.

The intelligence unit works as the UK’s representative body within the Council of Europe’s ‘Macolin Convention’ on the safeguarding of professional sports against manipulation and criminal threats.  

The SBIF, which has published its integrity reports since 2015, has redesigned its website to provide a user-friendly platform for diverse stakeholders seeking information and resources on sports integrity.

The website features the SBIF’s ‘Sports and Sports betting Integrity Action Plan’, which the intelligence unit co-developed in collaboration with the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

“The 2021 Plan builds on the last several years work by SBIF with key priority actions for 2021 highlighting the risks brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and considering the potential impact of Brexit on the UK’s approach to betting integrity,” the SBIF noted.

Further resources include a ‘sports betting integrity training module’, providing educational provisions for wider UK business stakeholders working with betting incumbents on best practices related to maintaining integrity matters.

From April onwards, licensed bookmakers have been required to provide standardised data to the UKGC’s ‘Sports Betting Intelligence Unit’ (SBIU) – the sports integrity data gathering unit spearheaded by the SBIF.

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