FC Barcelona has signed a deal with Daka, as the trading card company becomes the club’s partner for three seasons.

The deal, which sees the creation of Barça collectibles, experiences and products, aims to bring the La Liga team closer to Chinese fans as well as grow the team’s popularity in the region.

Bryan Bachner, FC Barcelona’s APAC & AMERICA Global Managing Director, said: “FC Barcelona has a great fan base in the mainland and, in our continual effort to connect and engage with them, our club is fortunate to have a partner like Daka, who share a like-minded approach to reach our passionate fans and that can create unique, one of a kind experiences for them. 

“The China market is precious for the club and this partnership with Daka underlines the vitality and dynamism of our mainland project.”

Until 30 June 2025, the firm will also gain a presence on the virtual LED boards around the pitch that viewers in China will see during the broadcast of the matches.

It will also gain access to shirts used by players to be able to create the product which will be offered to fans along with the trading cards, as well as the development of audiovisual and digital content with Barça.

“It is a great honour to become a member in the big family of FCB,” asserted Kenny Yang, Daka’s General Manager. “We will pass on every piece of love by making an effort to create brand new collections of Barça. 

“As one of the most popular football clubs, Barça has an extraordinary influence in China. Therefore, it is a mission carried by DAKA as well as Barça to improve the interactions and increase the communications between Barça and the great fans in China.

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