FC Barcelona has announced that the logo of Drake will appear on the front of the kit in the upcoming match against Real Madrid.

As part of the alliance with Spotify, this is the first time that the club has replaced its partner’s logo with an artist’s logo, as the pair aim to ‘bring to football and music together’.

As the team aims to connect with new audiences around the world, the men’s football team will enter the pitch for Sunday’s Clásico wearing a jersey featuring the logo of an internationally acclaimed artist – which is a silhouette of an owl.

The La Liga club said in a statement: “Spotify has given this privileged space on the jersey as part of the framework of the partnership with the club, just one of the actions that both brands are putting into place to offer innovative experiences for football fans, as well as helping to reach new audiences through music.”

According to FC Barcelona, similar types of exchanges on the front of the kit are scheduled to happen more as the 2022/23 season progresses. The pair originally formed a collaboration on 1 July this year. 

Juli Guiu, Vice-president for the Marketing area of FC Barcelona, added: “Our alliance with Spotify goes beyond a mere commercial relationship. As we have stated on numerous occasions, it is a strategic relationship through which we seek to bring together two worlds that can arouse emotion, namely music and football. 

“This initiative is another example of this desire and the innovative spirit of our collaboration. For the first time in our history, we are replacing the name of our main partner on the front of the jersey with an internationally acclaimed artist in Drake, winner of 4 Grammy awards and record breaker in different categories, such as being the first artist to accumulate 50 billion streams on Spotify.”

Furthemore, Xavi’s team are also scheduled to wear a ‘special version’ of the shirt during the pre-match warm up, featuring the number 50 on the back and the Spotify logo on the front.

“We were really excited to celebrate one of the biggest games of the year and mark Drake’s milestone as the first artist to reach 50 billion streams,” concluded Marc Hazan, Spotify VP of Partnerships.

“We’ve always said that we want this partnership to be a celebration of fans, players and artist’s on a global stage – and there’s no bigger stage than El Clásico.”

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