Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas has signed a partnership with Parimatch as it takes the main branding spot on the team’s kit for the next two years. 

The deal, which is the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A club’s biggest sponsorship contract in its 128-year history, has been labelled ‘of great importance’ in Parimatch’s growth plans in the country.

For Parimatch, the agreement further expands its football sponsorship portfolio, as Botafogo joins the likes of Chelsea, Leicester City, Newcastle United and Aston Villa, among other prominent teams, as a partner of the brand.

John Textor, President of Eagle Football – the holding group which owns Botafogo –  commented: “Botafogo, the most traditional football club in Brazilian football, is now re-establishing its presence in global football, collaborating with Eagle Football clubs around the world and through partnerships with sponsors who have a vision of the world in synergy. 

“We are pleased to be the club chosen by Parimatch, a global betting giant, to expand its business across Brazil and South America. Our new Parimatch partners will soon know what it’s like to be a Chosen One.”

Furthermore, the deal will also contribute to the top-division club’s expansion plans, as it adds to its growing portfolio.

Anton Rublievskyi, CEO of Parimatch International, noted: “In Brazil, football is not just a game – it is a cultural phenomenon that brings people together. It unites young and old, women and men, rich and poor, making the blood flow faster in their veins as they watch or play their favourite game. 

“We were looking for a team that shared our values, had a rich history, loyal fans and BIG ambitions for the future. We are sure we have found the RIGHT one – Botafogo. It is a great honour for us to join this team and conquer new heights together! Let’s start the new year strong and continue to support and grow the sports industry in Brazil.”

Similarly, Campeonato Brasileiro Série B side, Atlético Clube Goianiense, has revealed a partnership with online sportsbook Blaze, which will likewise feature on the club’s kits as the main sponsor.

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