The government of Argentina has published an official decree allowing for the free-of-charge broadcasting of all friendlies of the men’s national football team. 

A newly updated document titled ‘Resolution 228/2023’ was brought forward on the presidency’s website, providing new temporarily guidelines for national sports associations and/or holders of the television broadcasting rights of the team’s football matches under Law No. 25.342 from Decree No. 1225 of 2010.

With the revamped resolution already into effect since March 18, Buenos Aires now requires such entities to guarantee the national live transmission of matches that fall under the umbrella of the International Federation of Associated Football, the South American Football Confederation, or the International Olympic Committee.

This new approach is actually backed in history by Law No. 26.522 of the same Decree, where access to sporting events of national importance such as football matches is universally guaranteed, government officials went on to highlight. 

An example of widely generated public interest was given with government data on approximately five million people out in public on December 20, 2022 looking to get their hands on tickets for the friendlies to be held this March. 

Of course, credit  was also given to the nation securing its third world cup triumph after the team squeezed past through France in the 2022 FIFA World Cup final two days prior. 

To ensure the live coverage of more events such as the games against Panama and Curaçao, the decree outlines that a ‘Federal Council of Audiovisual Communication’ is to be established so that it can periodically determine which of these events will generate high public interest and give out exclusive rights for TV retransmission or broadcasting. 

However, “until the Federal Council of Communications is constituted, temporarily and “ad referendum” of the same, the functions that correspond to the “Federal Council of Audiovisual Communication” and the “Federal Council of Telecommunications Technologies and Digitization” will be exercised by the Ministry of Communication,” the resolution reads.

As such, currently responsible for the forging of the annual events lists is the Head of the Cabinet Ministers.

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