Report: New Zealand’s All Blacks takes first place in global rugby brand value

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The national rugby team of New Zealand has once again emerged as the most valuable rugby brand in the world. 

A new report by Brand Finance has taken a deep dive into the global rugby market, estimating that the All Blacks’ commercial appeal has seen a 52% increase since the last world cup, with the majority of that being moved from revenues generated by sponsorship deals and merchandising over the last few years. 

Hugo Hensley, Head of Sports Services of Brand Finance, commented: “National rugby brands are more than just teams. They are symbols of tradition and passion. Driven by sponsorship, merchandising, and passionate fans, the surge in brand value for many of the top 10 teams, such as Ireland Rugby’s 94% increase, showcases their power.”

To compliment the high commercial value of the team, Brand Finance has also named the All Blacks brand as the strongest among all others with a Brand Strength Index score of 88.9 out of 100. This was evaluated by Brand Finance based on several metrics such as marketing investment via social media, stakeholder equity, business performance and more. 

The second spot is taken by England’s rugby men’s and women’s, who have raked in the highest total revenue of all national rugby brands. 

Brand Finance also reminded that England currently has the highest number of registered rugby players in the world, as well as the highest number of female players – evidence for the rapid growth of the sport in the country. 

France stepped on the podium as third in the value rankings, due to a strong showing as hosts playing in the latest rugby world cup for the Les Blues, currently ranked second in the world. 

Finally, Brand Finance turned the attention to the Irish team and its 94% increase in brand value, cautioning the other three nations to look over their shoulder as Ireland’s rugby brand has so far shaped to be 2023’s faster-growing one – on top of its team currently being the number one in global rankings. 

Insider Sport Insight: The research provides a fascinating insight into the value international rugby amidst the World Cup, which is drawing global attention. It also underlines the opportunity for nations that are still in the tournament, specifically France with the third most valuable brand and opportunity to expand as favourites to capture World Cup glory.

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