Shikenso Analytics and esports platform Challengermode have released a joint whitepaper to help brands stand out in a saturated market.

The whitepaper, titled “The 2024 Playbook for Authentic Engagement in Competitive Gaming” outlined essential factors for integrating brands into the esports realm effectively, from understanding the diverse demographics of gamers to harnessing the potential of competitive gaming platforms for creating meaningful and long standing connections.

Philip Hübner, Chief Business Development Officer at Challengermode, said: “In today’s esports world, authenticity isn’t a bonus—it’s essential. Through our ‘2024 Playbook,’ created with Shikenso Analytics, we’re guiding brands on how to genuinely connect with gamers.”

One of the main points explored in the whitepaper is understanding the different stakeholders in esports. The esports ecosystem has recently reached new heights in terms of fan engagement at events and online during live streams, which has caught the attention of big name brands.

However, the esports community has been growing for years and can’t just be seen as a quick money making scheme. The whitepaper explains the need for brands to do their research on the community and look to build long-term relationships.

Hübner added: “It’s not just about advertising; it’s about understanding and becoming a meaningful part of the gaming community. This whitepaper is our blueprint for building real, respectful, and impactful relationships in competitive gaming.” 

Shikenso Analytics, a Germany-based analytics company working in the esports and gaming industry, utilises artificial intelligence to analyse branded content or sponsorship assets throughout livestreams and social media posts.

Benedikt Becker, Marketing Director at Shikenso Analytics, said: “Competitive gaming. Once overlooked by brands, this space is now seen as the biggest opportunity to engage younger audiences.

“To truly connect with gamers, brands must do their homework. They must delve into the data, understand the language, and grasp the geographical and demographical nuances within the community to build authentic connections.” 

In addition to providing insight into the ecosystem, the paper provides analytics to measure the success of authenticity, an important aspect of branded content in esports, with Gillette and Twitch’s “Gillette Gaming Alliance” failing in this aspect. .

The snack brand Pringles is a mainstream brand that has had a lot of success in the industry, being named an official partner of the British University Esports Championship, a grassroots league, by National Student Esports earlier this month.

Pringles has started at the bottom of the pyramid to connect with fans while giving something back to the community via dedicated events that it hosted at the tournament. 

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