The Rugby Football League (RFL) has launched two new social channels dedicated to the Women’s game in consultation with Rugby League’s strategic partner IMG.

The Instagram and TikTok channels launched ahead of the quarter finals of the Betfred Women’s Challenge Cup last weekend (13/14 April), aiming to showcase the uniqueness of the sport, its players and community.

Thomas Brindle, General Manager of the Betfred Women’s Super League, commented: “The launch of these new channels is a really important step on our long-term strategy for the women’s game as they give us the space to talk about the unfiltered truths of our female players, by opening up and encouraging dialog on the interests and concerns that a women’s sport inclined audiences might have.”

In a ground-breaking move for the industry, players from all levels of the national pyramid will share their unique content on TikTok, offering fans a glimpse into the lives of Rugby League players, both on and off the pitch. Leading the charge was England and St Helens star, Emily Rudge, who kicked off this initiative last Friday, 12 April.

In terms of Instagram, the account will serve as a platform to highlight and delve into the diverse stories of women across all areas of the game, with the long-term goal of the league establishing itself as a frontrunner in women’s sports, to gain recognition and celebration of female achievements within the sport.

Brindle added: “Whilst our TikTok will shine a light on the amazing players and talent we have in the game, the Instagram will give us the opportunity to showcase all of the volunteers, changemakers and community clubs who are the bedrock of Women’s Rugby League.”

As mentioned above, both channels have been made in collaboration with IMG. This is the  latest step taken to enhance the sport’s digital footprint, following the launch of its global streaming service, SuperLeague+, and Fantasy Gaming.

Dan Chirwa, Account Director, Digital at IMG, said: “Storytelling is at the heart of all great digital strategies. These new channels will allow the RFL to deliver engaging content directly from the players and rugby league community to fans worldwide, and help them connect with their favourite fans and clubs in a new and authentic way.”

This launch also comes at a significant moment in Women’s Rugby League, with 2024 the beginning of a new national pyramid which gives teams sitting within the regional Championships a chance at promotion into the Betfred Women’s Super League.

The league action kicks off on Friday, April 19th, spanning 14 rounds, the league campaign will conclude on the weekend of 14 September, followed by the Semi-Finals, which will see  the top four teams compete for a spot in this year’s Grand Final on 6 October. 

“Introducing women’s-only focus channels at The RFL marks a transformative chapter for the sport, underscoring the significance of inclusivity, visibility, and empowerment in women’s and girl’s sports,” Sandy Lindsay, Senior Non-Executive Director for the RFL, concluded.

“This initiative not only shines a spotlight on the extraordinary talent and dedication of female athletes but also fosters a sense of community and belonging. It’s a celebration of progress, a nod to the struggles overcome, and a beacon for what’s possible.

“By elevating the women’s and girl’s game, we’re not just changing the landscape of Rugby League; we’re championing a movement that values equality, unity, and the indomitable spirit of women and girls in sports.”

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