Stats Perform brings ‘new depth’ of insight in Orlando Magic extension

Stats Perform has extended its agreement with National Basketball Association (NBA) franchise the Orlando Magic.

As part of the collaboration, the Magic will continue to leverage Stats Perform’s AutoStats, after becoming the first NBA team to use the AI-enhanced body recognition technology in 2019 to evaluate college players.

“Before AutoStats, we were reliant on college box score and play-by-play data for player evaluation, which only provides a small slice of a player’s overall attributes and playing style,” explained Jeff Weltman, President of Basketball Operations for the Orlando Magic. 

“Tracking data has become the gold standard of NBA analysis and having access to AutoStats’ college tracking data has allowed us to bring our college scouting process up to the same depth of analysis as we have at the NBA level. 

“Being able to back our scouting and prospecting with real data from AutoStats has given us a huge advantage these past two seasons and provided important insights during the recent 2020 NBA Draft.”

AutoStats leverages computer vision and AI-enhanced body recognition technology to generate comprehensive basketball tracking data directly from broadcast video. The technology also uses video and computer vision to identify player position and granular movements across the entirety of the court without the need for in-venue hardware.

The insights produced by AutoStats’ college player tracking data give the Magic a more robust approach to evaluating incoming college players.

“The Orlando Magic have been the ideal partner for Stats Perform as we bring to market a new depth of college data and insight that has never been available before,” added Steve Xeller, Chief Revenue Officer at Stats Perform.

“AutoStats is the future of player tracking, and it is important that we work with innovative teams like the Magic that embrace data and technology to create more informed data-driven decisions. 

“Working with the Magic’s premier analytics team, we have generated player dashboards with exciting insights on the next generation of NBA stars, providing deeper information for the draft and recruiting process. We look forward to continuing this exciting partnership with the team.”

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