The National Football League (NFL) has partnered with Pluto TV, for the newly launched, NFL Channel, which celebrates the league’s most iconic and classic moments spanning over a decade of past seasons.

As part of the partnership, with one of America’s most recognised free streaming television services, The NFL Channel will become available on Pluto TV channel 465.

Amy Kuessner, SVP of Content Partnerships for Pluto TV commented on the collaboration: “As a new football season is about to debut, we are incredibly excited to celebrate it with an all-new destination for those looking to relive unforgettable moments and programming from years past. The addition of The NFL Channel on Pluto TV is a gift to our growing audience, a perfect addition to our burgeoning channel lineup and a testament to our love of the game.”

The NFL Channel provided by Pluto TV is a specially curated feed of library content devoted to providing NFL fans the best productions that NFL Films and NFL Media has to offer. Complementing the NFL’s 100th season celebration, the new launch will include programming such as previous seasons of the award-winning Hard Knocks series, team-specific season recaps dating back over a decade, and replays of classic NFL matchups.

Ross Ketover, Senior Executive of NFL Films added on the partnership: “We’re very excited to open up our library of classic games and memorable NFL programming to football fans through our dedicated NFL Channel on Pluto TV. As we celebrate the NFL’s 100th season, we know fans will enjoy discovering shows they may have missed, or reliving those unforgettable games and moments that make the NFL special.”

The all new NFL Channel will join Pluto TV’s 150+ live, linear, curated channels and thousands of movies and TV shows on demand from an expansive library of licensed content from over 150 major media companies, film studios, television networks, news organisations, publishers and digital first outfits.

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