Formula One has formed an official partnership with Lenovo as the latter looks to utilise its technology across the competition’s operations.

As the collaboration is formed ahead of the upcoming 2022 season, the partners have stated that they want to ‘push the boundaries’ of what’s possible when combining sports with advanced technology.

Stefano Domenicali, President & CEO of Formula One, commented: “As we prepare for our record-breaking season, it is exciting to welcome Lenovo to the team and for us to join forces with a global leader in technology. 

“Like everything in Formula One, precision and detail are everything, and Lenovo will be at the forefront of providing their experience and innovative technologies to our operations throughout the season.”

Lenovo’s hardware devices, as well as High Performance Computing and server solutions, will be integrated throughout its operations including on-premises data collection and supporting broadcast applications in a bid to better the overall fan experience.

“Our fans expect the best from everything we do, and Lenovo is the perfect partner in terms of its premium hardware offerings,” Domenicali added. “We are entering a new era of our sport and we’re committed to delivering a high-quality experience for our dedicated followers around the world.”

Furthermore, the deal builds exposure for the technology company whilst Formula One leverages its selection of hardware as well as its ‘next-generation’ technology including augmented and virtual reality.

Yang Yuanqing, Chairman & CEO of Lenovo, noted: “We are proud to announce our new global partnership with Formula One, the world’s most prestigious motor racing competition, to engage half a billion fans all over the world with exciting, innovative experiences. 

“This partnership is based on our shared passion for innovation, performance, and the winning spirit. Together Lenovo and Formula One will push the limits of technology to help shape a faster, smarter, and more sustainable future.”

In 2022, Formula One also announced it had extended its commitment to creating employment and education opportunities for underrepresented groups, in the form of ten engineering scholarships each year through to 2025. 

Similarly, Lenovo is also focused on diversity, inclusion and removing barriers. The new partners will have a key focus on creating projects related to this area.

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